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Social media optimization

Are you launching a new site? Do you have a site but you think it is not fully optimized? Then maybe you have not explored all the angles of search engine optimization. One of the latest ways of optimizing websites is through social media optimization. As the name implies, this is not a very complicated way of optimizing your site. It just moves from the traditional optimization methods to utilize social media sites, message boards, pod casts, vlogs, wikis and community websites such as blog sites.


How it works?


Social media optimization involves the use of RSS feeds, video and photo sharing, social bookmarking, blogging and social news buttons among other ways. This method works by driving traffic to your website without requiring you to spend money on search engine advertising. The main concept behind social media optimization is to make changes to the site to ensure that it is frequently included in relevant posts on blogs, it is highly visible in social media searches and that it is more linked to.


Using our social media marketing services, you can be assured that your site will be more visible through social network sites such as Squidoo, hubpages, Blogger, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Delicious and My Space among others.


How do we help you with social media marketing?


Getting links for your site


For every website to gain first page rankings, it is important that it enjoy a high number of links. The higher the number the more popular the site will be. The links act as votes, which determine the popularity of the site. Our social media marketing services is meant to get your site those links from the social media sites.


Creation of inbound links


Getting backlinks from the social media sites is not enough for optimization of your site. Our service is aimed at helping you create links to the sites and blogs that have linked to your site. This will help in increasing visibility of the site.


Making your content travel


Our social media marketing service will help you make changes to your site in order to enable you content travel within your target area. We help you achieve this by including PDFs, audio and video files that you will submit to your list members and the sites in your niche.


Why should you opt for our social media optimization?

Just like the other methods of optimizing and driving more traffic to your site, social media optimization has also become a victim of spamming and link farming. This means you can end up with pirated and duplicate content. Our service is your best bet if you want to gain access links to informative and interesting sites.